We're thrilled to present our Brand Guide

—a comprehensive manual on utilizing our logo and colors. This guide is tailored to ensure consistency and excellence in the use of our brand.



Dark gray, in our color palette, personifies modern elegance and narrative depth. This subtle yet striking tone symbolizes complexity; dark gray adds a touch of mystery and depth, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in captivating stories.

Our Binge pink tone is an explosion of creative energy that brightens our color palette. Eliciting enthusiasm and originality, this vibrant color reflects the passion driving our initiatives. Binge pink serves as the engine propelling innovation and igniting the spark of originality in every project.

Without a doubt, white and black take center stage in our logo, embodying timeless elegance and cinematic depth. Like the backdrop framing each scene, black symbolizes the seriousness and sophistication that characterize our projects. White is the essence of purity and clarity in our brand. This crisp and luminous tone personifies transparency and openness—values that guide us in our commitment to quality and excellence.

Binge Pink.

Our color Binge pink, is a very special color that brings energy and breaks the scheme in our texts.

You can use it by adding a punctuation mark at the end of your titles, such as a period, or you can use it in one characteristic word that you want to highlight.

Our logo can appear over solid colors, textures, or content, ensuring the appropriate contrast to guarantee the legibility of the logo.

White Logo

Black Logo